Yogurt Nutrition

Yogurt is one of those foods where if you correctly choose which type to buy you will have a healthy, nutritious addition to your diet, but if you dont carefully choose your all natural caffeine pills–nutrition can fall by the wayside. This is because, generally speaking, yogurt is a healthy food but yogurt producers have many types on the market that add differing amounts of fat and sugar to what is an otherwise nutrient-rich food.

Yogurt contains healthy doses of vitamins B-6 and B-12, along with calcium, riboflavin, manganese and high-quality protein. It also has active cultures which assist in digesting the lactose in the milk so that people who are normally lactose intolerant can yoshi copper grill mat health concerns with no adverse effects. Some yogurts also have beta-galactosidas, another enzyme that aids in lactose digestion.

Yogurt protects against colon disease because it has intestine-friendly lactobacteria–
the most touted being acidophilis, which stops bile from being converted into cancer-causing bile acids. Its called friendly bacteria because it stops harmful nitrosamines from being created, lowering the risk of free casino bonus.

Calcium also adds to colon health and yogurt is an excellent source. Research has shown that people who have an average intake of 1200 mg of calcium have lowered their risk of colorectal cancer by 75%. Yogurt also has the ability through its lactic acid content to help the body better absorb calcium and B vitamins. On top of that, yogurt with live cultures can give a big boost to the human immune system by fueling white blood cells to fight infection.

Yogurt is especially good for both young and old for different reasons. Children love the taste of the many fruity flavors, which makes it easier to get them to ingest the wealth of healthy protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals they need for good health. Senior citizens, on the other hand, sometimes have more trouble digesting lactase and more sensitivity with their intestines and colons. Yogurt is an excellent food for all types of gastrointestinal disorders thanks to its content of healthy bacteria.

Protein is a big part of yogurt nutrition. On the whole yogurt has 20% more protein per serving than milk. Because of the way yogurt is produced in the fermenting process, it also makes the protein is easier to digest. In addition, yogurt has been proven to lower cholesterol, possibly because of the way live cultures bind to bile acids.

Theres no doubt that yogurt in an incredibly healthy addition to anyones diet. However, the healthiest yogurt to eat is plain yogurt, then follow the non-fat and low-fat varieties. Some yogurt has whole milk which increases its fact content. Other yogurts have added sugar, nuts, sprinkles, and even candies to make them more palatable with kids. These additions add to the calorie content and many times add simple sugars that are completely unnecessary. So, be careful in reading the label content when buying yogurt and get the one with the least fat and additives. In this way you can be assured of getting the most yogurt nutrition in each serving.